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'Sometimes in life you are given a very clear understanding of what should be done next.

This is one of those times.

OnlyFours is all about 4-year-old boys and girls and their “4ness”. They’re not 3 and they are certainly not 5...THEY ARE FOUR. Four-year-olds are uniquely positioned in life and have a very specific set of characteristics.'

Mr. M

Photography and More for the 4 year old

Onlyfours has 4 goals:    

    Celebrate 4ness    

    Learn life principles   

    Memorialize Four moments    

    Scholarships for Fours.

Here’s how it works. A blessed four-year-olds parent would call (or click BOOK NOW above) to set a session time for their 4-year-old. They sign the agreement and pay the fee for photography. Upon arrival to their one-hour session, they will be greeted and led through a lesson about life.  See "Why are you preachin' at my kid" for lesson examples.  I'll photograph them Mom and I will pick out images for her to keep….How many images? 4 of course. Four images….really? Yeah, 4 professionally produced, retouched and styled, punchy colored, cute as a button, sharp as a tack photos (image files) of the most darling Four on your planet. We’ll show you up to 10. You pick your four.  

We'll also take a minute to create and print a composite for you to take home, and spend some time coming up with the perfect hashtag for social media fun!  They're gonna be famous!  

Scholarships that matter. Everyone who is at least 5-years-old has been four. That’s a bunch of folks...even you perhaps :) wants everyone to participate. We have set up a scholarship process for you to contribute an anonymous-to-anonymous OR anonymous-to-known session fee and gift. The process is the same as yours, only the love feels different.

In my opinion, 4-year-olds

    Are not self aware. Each foot can be independently decorated and enjoyed.

    Have unfiltered emotions. When they laugh it’s a total body experience. Likewise when they cry.

    Know lots of things but lack some understanding of how they work together, and it’s HILARIOUS!

    Are pure hearted and prejudice free.

    Display love in formidably cute ways.

    Laugh at themselves.

    Create things and moments for their own entertainment.

    Are joyously exuberant.

    Have strong preferences for clothing, hats, and accessories.

Of course, not all 4-year-olds are the same; they each contain and display their own 4ness. But, the trending topics are what they are. And please don’t get the idea that 3-year-olds and 5-year-olds are less favorable than the fours. They have their own particular set of awesomeness. The fours are just close enough to their first day on earth to still have some heaven dust in their eyes, but far enough out to have begun searching for risk and reward scenarios. Four-year-olds, like High School Seniors, are about to cruise into unknown territory. Group dynamic therapy and uniform standards are soon to be experienced and the changes will be profound. Not bad, just profound.

My name is Creel McFarland and I LOVE 4 year olds. These little folks have enlightened and entertained me for years. Early in my photography career, I photographed literally THOUSANDS of children. What I’d often said was confirmed, ‘God gives us all stuff and my stuff happens to be making kids laugh.’ 80% of children smile ear to ear in my presence. The other 20% laugh out loud. May God be praised.

Recently, (I’m old so recently means ‘over the last several years’) I have had the privilege of being circled by hundreds of four and five-year-olds, telling them stories and participating in their mischief. What a hoot! Seriously. One night in one of those blissful post-consciousness, pre-slumber moments, I had a thought. ‘What if I only photographed 4 year olds? What would that look like?’ A studio that only allowed 4-year-olds. Weird, and AWESOME! I got out of bed and found that one of my daughters was still awake. We hashed out enough details to allow me to sleep and was born.

So what….a studio that makes photos of 4-year-olds. ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY fours. The most full of life, gregarious, post-toddling, unspoiled resource on the planet. Yeah...those fours!

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