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Why are you preachin' at my kid?

Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Creel McFarland. Most children refer to me as Mr. M.  I am a father of two and daddy to seven.  A redeemed believer, husband to Heather, servant minded, converted introvert, with a lifetime of experience with children.  I love kids....in particular, I LOVE FOURS.

Most of my adult life has been played out in the presence of young children.  Tens of thousands of photography sessions with infants and toddlers and siblings and families.  Hundreds of hours of classroom teaching and stage time in front of wiggly kids.  A household full of little humans tugging at my heart day and night.  I'm delighted to be in their presence.  It is where I belong.  

Everybody has a purpose.  Many years ago, I was given the charge: "Tell the children they have a purpose."  I honestly didn't know what to do with that, but I obeyed and searched for ways to get in front of children and inform them that they are purposed.  Over time, I discovered MY purpose was to bring life lessons to kids in interesting ways.  

Here's a few of the lessons I love to teach.  You'll undoubtedly notice an unapologetic link to God's plan for us in my teachings.  He built us so I'm guessing he has a pretty good idea of what makes us tick. 

Sharing - Open handed living.   It is impossible to receive more if our hands are full.  When we give and share, our hands and heart are open to receiving something greater.  In the lesson, I'll fill the Four's hands full and then offer them something better.  They can only gain if they share..

Joy - It's a choice.  Getting our minds wrapped around the idea that we are not defined by what we have, but rather by the gratitude we show for what we have.   In the lesson we will plant seeds in separate pots.  One with the soil of gratitude, and one without.  In a magical moment a happy flower appears.  

Love - an endless supply.  There's enough love to go around.  In fact, love is infinite and it is impossible to run out.  We'll discuss the 'I love you with all my heart' statement and draw some conclusions from the sky.

Friendship - We're better together.  We'll make a couple of stick people and play out a scene about friendship.  Listening and 'being yourself' will be taught as ways to make friends.  

I look forward to spending a little time with your Four, talking about stuff that matters and laughing through a photo session.  I am always open to ideas and methods that are tangible and fun.  If you have ideas for me, please share!

Creel    (m) 405-401-5510

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